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Are EHR Standards Capable of Handling the Challenges of Smart Healthcare? Data-Level Research

Author(s): Nandini Mukherjee* and Poly Sil Sen

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are required for maintaining and using medical data. Many internationally well accepted EHR; EHR-S standards are available in the medical domain. There are various related health data standards as well. All these standards have specific advantages and disadvantages. Standard making process is an iterative process and the standards are still evolving. Though several important standards have been proposed during the last few decades, one major problem of these EHR standards is that they are not defined according to scope, scale and context. Computerized processes require specific definitions of medical terms and such terms are not very generic in respect of usage in different countries. There are also many aspects of evaluation of health data standards. In this paper, EHRs and other related standards, their usage, shortcomings etc. are studied in the context of data storage, data model and exchange of data formats. Suitability of the standards for smart environments is also explored with an objective to find a suitable presentation, organisation and storage of health data generated through smart health care applications.

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