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Fabrizio L Ricci

Institute for Research on Population and Social Policies, National Research Council, Rome, Italy


  • Original Article   
    An Integrated Model to Capture the Provision of Health and Social Care Services Based on the ContSys and FHIR Standards
    Author(s): Fabrizio Pecoraro*, Daniela Luzi and Fabrizio L Ricci

    In the last decades, there is a shif in the provision of health services from the formal facilities to home care. The delivery of care at home is considered a sustainable approach that not only results in substantial cost savings but is also a key step towards achieving optimal outcomes in the delivery of high-quality health services. Moreover, the adoption of this approach is facilitated by the prompt development of medical and non-medical technologies that can simplify care coordination and enable distant monitoring of the patient. However, home care requires the integration and coordination of health and social stakeholders in a continuity of care perspective. This requires the adoption of standards to defi ne a common shared conceptual model that improves the interoperability among information systems and organizations. In this paper to accomplish this task we combine the ContSys .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.24105/ejbi.2017.13.1.4