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Utilization of Custom-Made Databases in Both Medical Research and Patients’ Treatment

Author(s): Zdenek Telicka, Jan Jiskra, Josef Kubinyi

Background: Hospital Information Systems widely used in departments of university hospitals are not sufficient for both storing data about patients treatment and long-term research. Clinicians often use custom-developed applications which are maintained without any cooperation with the management of the hospitals and mostly break law in the Czech Republic.

Objectives: This article describes using such an application in cooperation with the Hospital Information System. It also describes an example of a research of cost effectiveness thyroid gland diseases treatment using Radioiodine 131I in outpatient regime compared to hospitalization or an alternative surgery.

Methods: The database application is developed in Visual Basic. The research studies the treatment by the Radioiodine 131I in 45 patients. We evaluated the financial cost of radioiodine therapy in the outpatient regime and hospitalization compared with a surgery.

Results: The financial costs for 1 patient is 114 EUR, it means 16% if compared with the same treatment in a hospital and only 25% of the possible alternative operation.

Conclusion: This study describes that the treatment by outpatient regime can be a motivating alternative compared to the treatment by 131I at a hospital or even the surgery.