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Using Clinical Research Informatics to Continually Improve Processes

Author(s): Kin Lu shim*

Randomized clinical trials are the gold standard for evaluating healthcare interventions and, more broadly, contribute to medical knowledge in the areas of illness treatment, diagnosis, and prevention. Health informatics strategies that can help increase study efficiency throughout the life cycle of a clinical trial have been identified in recent literature. Data from electronic medical records (EMRs) can be used to aid clinical trial research during the planning and execution phases of a study, as well as to improve recruitment. This data is used to measure internal and environmental capability, as well as the alignment of a clinical trial with its environment in terms of study design, dose of investigational product, comparator, and patient type. By addressing these issues early on, you may be able to save money and overcome recruitment roadblocks. Additionally, feasibility data is used as a source of data to improve trial recruitment. The timely identification of eligible subjects is a major challenge for researchers.

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