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Traceability Based Description of Clinical Processes: Extension of IHE Guidelines for Phlebotomy Work ows

Author(s): Alessandro Sulis, Francesca Frexia, Vittorio Meloni, Massimo Gaggero, Mauro Del Rio, Riccardo Triunfo, Daniela Ghironi, Federico Caboni, Gianluigi Zanetti

The increasing di usion of data acquisition systems paves the way to traceability based process management and de nition. In the clinical context, IHE formalizes the reference guidelines, periodically enhanced to re ect processes evolution. In this work we describe how we have modeled the phlebotomy process following the IHE references and best-practices to obtain a fully traceable work ow. The work has resulted in two new transactions for the IHE LBL pro le, describing samples containers production and samples collection. The complete work ow has been im- plemented and successfully tested in real clinical environ- ments. The traceability data acquired have then been stud- ied using Process Mining techniques to compare the pro- duction model with idealized work ow and guide further developments.