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Towards a System of Enhanced Transparency of Medical Curriculum

Author(s): Martin Komenda, Daniel Schwarz, Ladislav Dušek

Introduction: A correctly compiled and balanced curriculum across medical fields is an essential prerequisite for medical education. Just as in other fields, it is vividly evident in medicine that the overall structure and lesson content are not ideal and it is quite common for the overlap between theoretical and clinical subjects to be either too extensive or, on the contrary, rather insufficient. The issue of curriculum innovation has been addressed in many medical and health care fields by different academic institutions, as proclaimed in the analysis of the current global situation. The need for a computer-aided management system providing a transparent overview of the curriculum at specific faculties has been duly emphasized.

Aim: An original methodology for managing the changes during optimization of the medical curriculum in tertiary education is introduced in the paper, together with its conceptual data model.

Methods: According to the conclusions of the Bologna Process, which promotes outcome-based education, the theoretical basis is oriented to the new paradigm of teaching and learning.

Results: We introduce the all-in-one web-oriented platform covering all elements linked to global curriculum management and providing sufficient information for the curriculum designers.

Conclusion: A new powerful and robust system for the management, visualization and analysis of curriculum should pinpoint specific learning imperfections and potential overlaps across the chosen field of study. It brings useful and beneficial information for students, teachers as well as the faculty management.