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The Use of Object-Oriented Technologies for Medical Data Storing and Retrieving

Author(s): Vita Speckauskiene, Arunas Lukosevicius

The article focuses on object oriented technologies and the usage of these technologies, how to create an information system (IS) for applications in medicine, specifically in ophthalmology. The rapid evolution of medical data standards, concepts and technologies has created a problem – how to develop a system that would be flexible enough to work with evolving data. After the analysis of object-oriented technologies: Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and Microsoft .NET and open source object- oriented data base management systems (OODBMS) we have proposed and created a system based on .NET and OODBMS db4o. Results include the developed system with proposed architecture and used techniques, also the advantages of object-oriented data bases (OODB), the systems’ possible interopera- bility with the National Electronic Health Record system. Developed IS should help medical specialists to reach important information from any computer in any hospital.