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The Prototype of Standalone Diagnostic Report Editor as a Proof-of-Concept for an Interoperable Implementation of Health Level Seven Clinical Document Architecture Standard (HL7 CDA) not Integrated with Electronic Health Record (EHR) System

Author(s): Sebastian Bojanowski, Roman Radomski

Objectives: The concept of the study was to investigate the possibility of HL7 CDA implementation in the environment with no EHR system. The potential business and operational limitations were taken into account.

Methods: The standalone diagnostic report editor has been chosen as a proof-of-concept prototype for such implementation. The detailed functional requirements have been defined.

Results: The prototype has been developed as a single HTML file, containing Javascript code and embedding CDA XML template, CDA XML schema denition and XSL transformation.

Conclusions: The HL7 CDA based solution can be implemented in the environment with no EHR system. The concept of the standalone report editor has been proven as possible and reasonable.