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The future of intelligence and medicinal research in the coming age of artificial intelligence

Author(s): Anewshadha Uhas*

The Artificial intelligence (AI) may be a hot topic in community of individuals within the world because it appears to increase and challenge human thinkingrelated ability to carry or do one thing. Yet, it’s amazing that human intelligence analysis mostly and therefore the analysis of assuming and behavior normally now debates on AI and therefore the connected associated with brooding about however folks think movements of Trans- and posthumanism. Transhumanism helps increase in an exceedingly great way the event of technologies that aim at powerfully rising human mental particularly thinking-related skills to carry or do one thing, accomplished or gained with effort by applying the science of nerves and therefore the brain strategies like transcranial magnetic stimulation, brain-computer connecting points of interacting with one thing (BCIs), deep-brain stimulation (DBS), associated with medical medicine and even nanotechnological strategies aimed toward brain repair or improvement of brain flexibility. The goal is to accomplish or gain with effort AN “afterhuman future,” during which current issues of human folks ought to finally be resolved.

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