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The Effectiveness of Telehealth-based Teaching Initiatives for Chronic illness Patients

Author(s): Cink Gwahsmi*

Telehealth is the delivery of health care and education over great distances using electronic and telecommunication technology. Telehealth intended objective is for it to become a mainstream method of providing health care to the general public. Because of its importance in reducing hospital visits from patients with COVID-19 or other illnesses, as well as promoting home isolation in persons with moderate symptoms, telehealth received additional attention during the current coronavirus sickness (COVID-19) pandemic. The needs of people with chronic conditions are commonly overlooked during pandemics. Some patients are turning to Telehealth services like video consultation and remote monitoring due to a lack of regular clinic visits. The safety of key clinical professionals is also ensured by telehealth. Furthermore, Telehealth has the potential to minimise the number of unnecessary hospital visits, alleviating the demand on already overburdened healthcare resources.

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