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Testing a New CDA Development Strategy in a Standardized Infrastructure for Continuity of Care in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

Author(s): Moreno A, Martinez A, Núñez F, Parra C

Objectives: In order to provide continuity of care for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients transferred to external outsourced centres, Virgen del Rocio University Hospital has developed an interoperability platform based on interoperability that enables the communication with the 8 different private providers.

Methods: The development of this infrastructure has been based on IHE profiles and CDA documents. Specifications of this interoperability scenario will be made public to create different business models for Haemodialysis (HD) providers and IT health providers.

Results: As part of this project, a set of CDA templates was created for the nephrology domain in Archetype Description Language format that also could be known as CDA archetypes. This new approach for developing CDA documents was able to create semantic structures that successfully define the relationship among different concepts based on the RIM that could be reused for nephrology domain. The results from our pilot experience will be the basis for a new implementation guide for CDA in the nephrology domain by HL7 Spain.