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Technologies Supporting Care for Diabetes in Primary Care in the Czech Republic

Author(s): Štepán Svacina, Igor Karen, Cyril Mucha, Jan Hendl, Martin Matoulek

Introduction: Since January 1st, 2010 the care for uncomplicated diabetic patients has moved from the diabetes specialists in the Czech Republic and it can be provided by the general practitioners henceforth. We refer about the technologies supporting this new system of care.

Aim and methods: This paper reports on the information systems used to support the diabetes care in GP office and on the technologies connected to this system.

Results: There have been two types of information systems in use: PC DOKTOR, and MEDICUS. Two Internet standards: “Diabetes“, and “Prediabetes“, have been published and regularly updated. In the offices, there have been several laboratory devices for laboratory measurements used and directly connected to the information system.

Conclusion: The technical support for diabetes care has enabled a complex care for diabetic patient at the general practitioner’s office even in the critical situation when the number of diabetic patients is extremely increasing.