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Rapid Telemedicine Implementation in the Context of the Neurological Disorder

Author(s): Dehury laeema*

Telemedicine was first introduced in nerve-related medical care as a tool to help access to sudden and serious stroke treatment. More not very long ago, events that prove something has come out of the use of telemedicine in more than two, but not a lot of other areas of nerverelated medical care. With the coming of the widespread disease and the need for being totally separate from others, Telemedicine in nerve-related medical care has been a subject of debate and, until not very long ago, was mostly restricted to certain narrow areas of interest of people within careers and medicine-based situations. The COVID-19 widespread disease, however, has driven doctors to quickly adopt virtual medicine for remote identification of a disease or problem, or its cause and treatment of conditions before that managed in person. This sudden act of something getting bigger, wider, etc. of virtual medicine has started a fire excited interest in something for widening the usual model of in-person patient discussions with other people, and has created a never-before-seen opportunity for developing new and interesting solutions to improve patient care.

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