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Protein-protein interaction analysis of influenza a virus with the host (homosapiens) to determine the proteins involved in influenza a virus infection mechanism

Author(s): G. Surya teja* and K. Raj vardhan*

Influenza A virus (IAV) infection is a serious public health problem all over the world. This virus belongs to the family Orthomyxoviridae and this is the only species of the virus occurring in the genus Alphainfluenzavirus. IAV consists of ss negative sense RNA as its genetic material and its genome comprises eight segments of viral RNA and each segment is complexed with trimeric viral polymerase proteins and nucleoprotein. IAV causes zoonotic infections in birds and severe respiratory infections in humans. The current study determines the various proteins in the biological processes of Influenza A virus in the host (Homosapiens). In this experiment, we retrieved a protein interaction network of Influenza A virus with Homosapiens. To this network cluster analysis was performed which resulted in 6 clusters. Further, gene enrichment analysis was performed for the clustered proteins using the Panther GO database and we, therefore, identified proteins that have a highly effective role in cellular processes and viral infection mechanisms. Hence this study helps to understand the various proteins that can be targeted for further development in drug discovery and also in the prevention of this disease.
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