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Physiological Model Creation and Sharing

Author(s): Jan Šilar, Jirí Kofránek

Background: Mathematical modelling in medicine (physiology) takes place in research, clinical practice and learning. There are several suitable modelling languages and tools for physiological model implementation. Graphical simulators are created in order to make models used in teaching more illustrative.

Objectives: It is important to make model developers’ cooperation easier. For this reason it should be possible to interconnect models written in different languages. Elearning simulators must be well available for students and teachers. Necessity to install the application can be an obstruction. Methods for sharing models written in Modelica language should be enhanced.

Methods: Standardised interface FMI allows interconnection of models written in different languages. E-learning models are developed on .NET platform. It enables them to run in web browser. The editor for models written in Modelica is being developed. It will run in browser and will be interconnected with web based model repository.

Results: Simulation runtime, solver and simulation centre was implemented in .NET languages. They are used in web e-learning applications. They will be also used together with web-based model repository, that is being developed now.

Conclusions: New tools will simplify model creation and interconnection. They will also improve collaboration of model developers.