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Pharmacoeconomy of Diabetes Mellitus and its Implications for Organization and Quality of the Care in the Czech Republic

Author(s): Pavel Horák, Milan Kvapil

Introduction: Organization of the care is important factor for success, cost effectiveness and quality of the care for large scale chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus. Valid data are needed for decision support.

Aim: To calculate real prevalence of diabetes in the population from incomplete data sources originally created for billing to the insurance company, to establish how these patients are treated and collect markers of quality of the care.

Methods: In data sources diabetic patients were identified by combining diagnoses from coded procedures with data about medical prescription and procedures directly linked to diabetes.

Results: 6% increase in real incidence rate of diabetes mellitus patients since 2002 was observed as well as 23% (2003-2009) decrease in mortality rate (50% decrease between 1980 to 2009). Data also show not only higher average expenses for treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus compared to average expenses incurred for treatments of all other diagnoses, but also a crucial relationship of costs with presence or absence of diabetes mellitus complications.

Conclusion: Study overcame disadvantage of data sources which would otherwise lead to underestimation of numbers of diabetic patients. Our analysis bring additional information and showed possible financial impact for the future, if problem with prevention, regional differences in the care and incomplete adherence to guidelines will not be properly addressed.