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Overview and Multi-Criteria Analysis of Glucometers for Telemonitoring of Patient with Diabetes Mellitus

Author(s): Martina Oulická, Jan Mužík, Miroslav Mužný, Jan Brozcaron;, Eirik Årsand

Background: The telemonitoring is more and more used for compensation of diabetes in the last decade. Doctors are able to get an accurate and reliable data in real time using the telemonitoring. A remote monitoring affects the attitudes and behavior of patients and potentially improves their state of health. Conclusions of many studies show additional clinical implications of telemonitoring. But it has not been possible to generalize those conclusions yet.

Objectives: The aim of this study was to create an overview of current glucometers available on the market. And select those which would meet the required parameters for using in the telemonitoring with automatic data sharing.

Methods: The research is focused on researches from technical and grey literature and on websites of producers and medical device dealers. The questioning will be carried out in the Czech and English language. Multi decision making method helps to select a suitable glucometer.

Conclusions: Fifty five glucometers from nineteen producers have been found in the researches and by market survey. The summary table with all important parameters can be seen in the preview. Conclusions of the Multi decision making analysis showed using of Diamond Mini from ForaCare Inc. producer which is the most suitable for the project of the telemonitoring with automatic data sharing. It is necessary to consider the safety of sending data, data sharing and personal data protection before this glucometer will be used in our project.