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Optimization of Malaria’s Treatment: An Approach of Medical Decision Analysis

Author(s): Eustache Ayumba Muteba

Objective: Nowadays, it is recognized in most modern hospital and public health systems an increasing concern to measure the quality of care. The quality of care can be focused on the characteristics of hospital production and the indicators of performance. The indicators of performance can permit, generally, to decrease complication rate, morbidity, mortality and costs of care. Therefore, one of the ways to optimize the quality of care is to use medical decision support system.

Methods: The optimization of malaria’s treatment is based on an automatic extraction of a geographic information system database that can store and provide relevant information on malaria’s patient case of different regions. The method proposed is consisted of height main steps namely: specification of the case, indications or problems, actions or treatments strategies, estimative outcomes (benefit and risk), performance measure, decision, result and optimization.

Results: One of the most important outcomes of this work is an understanding of the requirements on a medical decision analysis formalism and system. The case study presented for the simulation constitutes a theoretical component that consolidates the validation of the formalism before the implementation.

Conclusion: The work embodied in this paper formed the second part of a research project called ’OMaT’. OMaT is an online system that aims to assist physician at medical consultation in order to optimize the quality of care of the patients with malaria disease.