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Nutritional education through a Telehealth intervention for children on the autism spectrum disorders

Author(s): Cheena Pryias*

Malnutrition is a major effect in the community of people in the world and also a worldwide effect. Telehealth is now is a useful evaluation in the problems. ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) are the most-common neuro developmental problems. However, each child identified a disease or its cause with ASD presents with a like nothing else in the world range of behavioral and communication problems and issues with social skills. Many studies have highlighted the importance of early actions that help bad situations for children with ASD to improve their skills and provide their families with the necessary support. The use of Telehealth is to be effective for ASD, which helps a bad time among children living in rural areas, since such services use technology to provide discussions with other people, actions that help bad situations, identification of a disease or problem, or its cause, training, and education. Research shows that Telehealth services are as valuable as traditional face-toface treatment, allow families to get support from their homes, and help them improve their quality of life.

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