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Modeling the Framework for Obstetrics Gynecology Department Information Systems

Author(s): Vida M, Stoicu-Tivadar L, Blobel B, Bernad E

Objectives: The paper models business processes of an obstetrics-gynecology department (OGD) using the Generic Component Model (GCM) as modeling framework. The core application OGD Information System (OGD IS) is developed based on that model. Modeling the OGD workflow and using the HL7 CDA standard for communication with other Information Systems will lead to advanced interoperability with benefits clinical practice.

Methods: Following the GCM core principles, first the analyzed system is defined. In the second step, the domain of interest is separated from other domains which are not relevant for the moment. The third step consists in composition/decomposition of the system in consideration. Finally, the OGD system is model-driven developed, using the ISO 10746 RM-ODP views and appropriate tools according to the Unified Process. For modeling the OGD business process and the ICT models, Business Process Modeling and Notation (BPMN) and Unified Modeling Language (UML) are used, respectively.

Results: The resulting OGD IS model and its exemplifying implementation is developed for a medium hospital, respecting all the GCM core principles. The OGD system communicates with other medical units using the HL7 CDA standard. The result is a useful model for quick and real future implementation ready to easy interconnect with other systems.

Conclusions: The paper presents a generic model-driven approach for advanced interoperability between health information systems. It has been demonstrated at quickly and flexibly developing an OGD information system (OGD IS).