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Model-based Validation of HL7 CDA R2 Documents and Implementation Guides Using Gazelle ObjectsChecker and ART-DECOR

Author(s): Abderrazek Boufahja, Kai U. Heitmann, Eric Poiseau

Numerous tools de ne metamodels to describe the require- ments included in CDA speci cations, the most recent and standardized one is the HL7 Templates Standard. The Templates Design resulting of this standard allow distribut- ing the CDA speci cation in a formal way. One application of this normalization is the validation of CDA documents. IHE-Europe/Gazelle team developed already a methodol- ogy named Gazelle ObjectsChecker in order to generate model-based validation of XML requirements, including HL7 CDA standard. The aim of this paper is to describe the way the re- quirements from HL7 Templates Standard are imported on Gazelle ObjectsChecker, and the bene t of such method- ology for CDA implementation guides and for CDA docu- ments validation.