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Medication Pattern Mining Considering Unbiased Frequent Use by Doctors

Author(s): Yuji Morita, Masatoshi Yoshikawa*, Noboru Kada, Akihiro Hamasaki, Osamu Sugiyama, Kazuya Okamoto and Tomohiro Kuroda

Background: Many previous studies on mining prescription sequences are based only on frequency information, such as the number of prescriptions and the total number of patients issued the prescription. However, in cases where a very small number of doctors issue a prescription representative of a certain medication pattern to many patients many times, the prescribing intention of this very small number of doctors has a great influence on pattern extraction, which introduces bias into the final extracted frequent prescription sequence pattern.

Objectives: We attempt to extract frequent prescription sequences from more diverse perspectives by considering factors other than frequency information to ensure highly reliable medication patterns.

Methods: We propose the concept of unbiased frequent use by doctors as a factor in addition to frequency information based on the hypothesis that a prescription used by many doctors unbiasedly is a highly reliable prescription. We propose a medication pattern mining method that considers unbiased frequent use by doctors. We conducted an evaluation experiment using indicators based on clinical laboratory test results as a comparative evaluation of the existing method, which relied only on frequency, and included consideration of unbiased frequent use by doctors by the proposed method.

Results: The weighted average value of the top k for two different evaluation methods is obtained.

Conclusions: The study suggested that our medication pattern mining method considering unbiased frequent use by doctors is useful in certain situations such as when the clinical laboratory test value is outside of the normal value range.