journal of biomedical informatics
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Infrastructure for Data Storage and Computation in Biomedical Research

Author(s): Kulhánek T

Infrastructure as a service (infrastructure which is offered to customer in the form of service of the provider) is a deployment model which allows utilize data and computing capacity of a cloud as a set of virtual devices and virtualized machines. Infrastructure as a service can be offered separately to each project. The same capacity of connected physical machines and devices can be shared. Currently, the concept of an Infrastructure as a service is tested on several projects within activity of the CESNET association, First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague and Musical and Dance Faculty of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. The current research in the field of computation physiology is demanding on a high computation capacity. The computation tasks are distributed to computers, which are provided by the infrastructure. The project in the field of the analysis of a human voice is demanding on high throughput of a computer network between an acoustic or video device on the local side and an analytic application on the remote high performance server side. This paper describes features and main challenges for infrastructure dedicated for such a type of an application. Infrastructure as a deployment model of cloud computing might be beneficial for a multi domain team and for collaboration and integration of a high specialized software application. S6t3Bh9Gwo