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Environmental Stress Pollutants are assessed using an Advanced Biomarker Method

Author(s): Bertatis Walker*

To assess environmental quality in areas where pollution is a serious hazard due to fast urbanisation and industrialisation, an integrative biomarker method was used. Thousands of toxins enter the environment every day, putting creatures and ecosystems under duress. Because of the diversity in chemical nature and mechanism of toxicity of the pollutants, as well as variance in sensitivities of the species exposed to the pollutants, risk assessment of these pollutants to organisms and ecosystems is difficult. Even low, seemingly harmless amounts of contaminants can have harmful effects on organisms, which are difficult to predict because measurable effects only appear after extended exposure. When these early impacts manifest, however, it may be too late to take corrective action or efforts to limit risk. As a result, early warning signals or biomarkers must be developed that accurately indicate unfavourable biological reactions to manmade environmental toxins, even at minute doses.

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