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eHealth in Europe - Status and Challenges

Author(s): Anne Moen, Werner O. Hackl, Jacob Hofdijk, Lisette Van Gemert-Pijnen, Elske Ammenwerth, Pirkko Nykänen, Alexander Hoerbs

Objectives: To present European reflections on the concept of eHealth and report challenges related to further development of eHealth in Europe.

Methods: A survey with 10 questions was distributed to representatives of the national member associations of the European Federation of Medical Informatics (EFMI). The material was summarized using content analysis techniques, generalized and discussed.

Results: The results document a shift from a focus on ICT-orientation to initiatives that will development of the entire health system where eHealth strategies, organizational change, and appropriate technological infrastructure are singled out as important aspects.

Conclusion: There are urgent needs to discuss eHealth strategies and policies to contribute to capacity building necessary to deploy eHealth applications that support sociable services and innovations in health care. As a contribution, the EFMI community will utilize arenas for capacity building on the European level, and stimulate collaboration across national boarders and health systems.