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Educating Future Clinicians about Clinical Informatics: A Review of Implementation and Evaluation Cases

Author(s): Kathleen Gray, Ambica Dattakumar, Anthony Maeder, Helen Chenery

There is growing consensus that future health professionals need specific learning activities in their entry level training that build their clinical informatics competency. This study aims to give insights into how clinical informatics education has worked in the past, and to suggest future directions for delivering ongoing curriculum reform in this important aspect of health professional education. The literature of the past decade on implementation and evaluation of clinical informatics education for future health professionals was reviewed, including accounts from medicine, nursing, dentistry, allied health, complementary therapies and interprofessional education. Selected papers were analysed for information about the intended competencies or learning outcomes; the content covered; the relationship of the curriculum to standards and accreditation; the teaching methods and modes of delivery; assessment of student learning; and evaluation of educational quality. It appears that the literature needs to give further attention to the pedagogy of clinical informatics education, starting from what is considered educational good practice in other areas of knowledge and skill in the health professions. A clear rationale for teaching clinical informatics and a detailed list of desired competencies are an important start but do not, on their own, explain how to achieve effective learning experiences or intended educational outcomes.