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During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Applications of Digital Imagery, and AI Technologies Uses

Author(s): Tibelius Konen*

Throughout the last few decades, humans have been fascinated by technological innovation. To solve the universal healthcare challenges, tech companies provided a torrent of innovation. The new coronavirus has established a significant foothold on the world, which is being combated via digital interventions across infected geographical borders and territories. COVID-19 reactions can be coordinated using digital technology in a cascade that spans from the healthcare care facility to the pending viral epicenter’s exterior. As evidence, there are incidents of medical robotics, surveillance drones, as well as the internet - of - things. COVID-19 diagnostics are based on PCR tests and medical imaging. At a clinical accuracy of percent, computed tomography assisted in correcting the accuracy variance of PCR testing. COVID-19 reactions can be independent thanks to artificial intelligence. When properly sourced, technology may be a never-ending system of invention and potential. Scientists can use technology to address global issues, pushing the boundaries of concrete possibility. Digital interventions have improved COVID-19 responses, emphasised the need of medical imaging throughout the outbreak, and exposed healthcare personnel to the possibility of contactless treatment.

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