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Distance Learning at the Medical Faculty of University of Sarajevo

Author(s): Izet Masic, Ahmed Novo, Zlatan Masic

Possibilities of introduction of distance learning in medical curriculum are the title of project which has been realizing at Department of Medical Informatics, Medical Faculty since year 2002. The Project is approved by Federal and Cantonal ministries of science and education. The purpose of this project is to support improvement educational process at biomedical faculties using contemporary methods, methodologies and information technologies in accordance with strategy and objectives given by Bologna declaration. The pilot project is realized during three years, the theoretical and practical parts of the subject Medical Informatics are adapted to modern concepts of education using world trends of distance learning. One group of students from the Medical Faculty was involved in this project, which was finalized by electronic registration of an exam and electronic testing on 20 June 2005, in public in the Physiological amphitheatre of the Medical faculty in Sarajevo. In this article we have given description of the project and phases of its realization, and basic adventages and disadvantages we have noticed so far.