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Detection of Genes by Next Generation Sequencing Based on RNA

Author(s): Swagasi Mouhr*

Next-generation putting in correct order (NGS) technologies have progressive advantages in terms of producing a lot for a given amount of money, neverbefore-seen putting in correct order speed, bright and sharp and quality of being very close to the truth or true number in related to the study of tiny chemical instructions within cells analyses. To date, these highthroughput putting in correct order technologies have been complete and thoroughly applied in a variety of ways, such as whole total set of tiny chemical assembly instructions of a living thing putting in correct order, target putting in correct order, tiny chemical assembly instruction inside of living things expression informationgathering, chromatin immune-precipitation putting in correct order, and small RNA putting in correct order, to speed up related to the body function of living things and studying how living things and medicine work together. However, the huge amount of data created by NGS represents a great challenge. This article discusses the available applications of NGS technologies, presents guidelines for data processing pipelines, and makes suggestions for selecting good tools in study of the tiny chemical instructions within cells, small RNA research.

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