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Comparison of EuroMISE Minimal Data Model for Cardiology and HL7 V3 DAM: Cardiology Rel. 2

Author(s): Libor Seidl, Petr Hanzlícek

Background: The EuroMISE Minimal Data Model for Cardiology (MDMC) has been prepared by clinicians for clinical study in 2002. This model has been successfully implemented in an application for clinical data gathering. HL7 v3 Domain Analysis Model: Cardiology, Release 2 (HL7 DAM) has been published in HL7 September 2011 Ballot.

Objectives: The objective of this paper is to compare these two data models. The main motivations for the comparison are nearly identical ways of development, and the same format of both specifications.

Methods: HL7 DAM is much broader than EuroMISE MDMC. Thus I focus only on data elements present in MDMC but absent in HL7 DAM. Also different scales of elements present in both models are compared.

Results: I have found 25 elements out of 181 elements defined in MDMC which are not contained in HL7 DAM. 

Conclusions: Results will be used for further discussion in HL7 Clinical Interoperability Council work group.