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Biometric Technology in Airports: A Case Study Report

Author(s): Pritiprajna Mohanty

In an airport setting, biometrics provides a contactless method of identity verification. The programme uses the Traveller Verification System (TVS) to biometrically validate the traveler’s identity and admission or exit, giving it a better chance of detecting counterfeit documents and visa overstays. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the Biometric Exit Program in order to examine the usage of biometrics at airports and to identify the obstacles that have been encountered. The Entry Exit Program at different airport, which includes facial recognition boarding gates, is being investigated. To identify issues, pilot test findings from airport and other airports are used. A lack of stakeholder support, a poor biometric matching rate, infrastructure and network connectivity challenges, traveller privacy concerns, and a high reliance on airlines were among them. Advancement recommendations and solutions are presented.

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