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Biomedicine Relies Heavily on Biological Macro-molecules

Author(s): Alex P. Hales*

Food provides the body with the nutrients it needs to survive. Many of these critical nutrients are biological macromolecules (large molecules) necessary for life to exist. These polymers (macromolecules) are made up of a variety of smaller organic molecules in various configurations (monomers). Natural products are increasingly being used as therapies or medications due to their safety profile, as well as other qualities such as organ selectivity, extensive effectiveness, prolonged mode of action, and high solubility. Carbohydrates, peptides, proteins, and lipids are examples of naturalsource macromolecules with great therapeutic and pharmacological potential. As biomedicines, these macromolecules have been used to treat a number of human ailments. In this sense, biomedicine is a branch of medicine that focuses on biological and chemical themes relevant to medicine and healthcare and applies biological and physiological principles to clinical practise.

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