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Application Resilience and Antifragility from the Internet of Medical Devices to Healthcare Governance Systems

Author(s): Rodolfo A. Fiorini, Giulia F. Santacroce

For Healthcare, the potential bene ts of applying "Internet of Medical Devices" (IoMD) to solve both the cost problem and to improve patient safety and outcomes are tremen- dous. The medical industry is quickly adopting mobile technology (mHealth) as a means of connecting lay users with medical professionals. Unfortunately, current apps can be quite fragile to unespected event, and unpredictable changes can be very disorienting at enterprise level. These major changes, usually discontinuities referred to as frac- tures in the environment rather than trends, will largely de- termine the long-term future of organization. They need to be handled, as opportunities, as positively as possible. We need more robust, resilient and antifragile application to be ready for next generation systems. They are mandatory to develop antifragile self-organizing and self-regulating sys- tem further. Health Information community can take advantage of a new HICT Natural Framework proposal, to get a more re- liable conceptualized synthetic and powerful systemic vi- sion, to be used in advanced modeling for healthcare ap- plication and organization (HO) and high reliability orga- nization (HRO) in general. Two application examples are presented. HICT Natural Framework can be used to de- velop competitive applications, from telemedicine apps, an- tifragile anticipatory learning system (ALS), health infor- mation management system, to health governances policies for advanced HO, new competitive HRO "environmental friendly" information management strategies conveniently, and beyond. The present paper can give a relevant con- tribute to that perspective and to let you achieve pactical, operative results quite quickly.