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A Web-Based Data Collection Platform for Frailty Evaluation in Senior HIV+ Patients

Author(s): Sara Mora, Norbert Maggi, Carmelina Ruggiero, Alberto Venturini, Giovanni Cenderello, Daniela Fiorellino, Alberto Pilotto and Mauro Giacomini*

After the discovery of the antiretroviral therapy, life expectancy of HIV+ patient has become longer. This represents a new challenge for the consultant in HIV medicine, who needs to consider how HIV influences chronical diseases. The HIV+ patient is frailer than any other person of the same age not suffering from the viral infection. The aim of the present work is to develop a web-based platform to allow the self-administration of the new questionnaire SELFY MPI which was developed within a project involving several European groups. The questionnaire SELFY MPI was set up which enable data collection about quality of life and cognitive functions. Between June and September 2018, a group of senior 50 HIV+ patients, was involved. The platform collects pseudonymous data. The subsequent statistical analysis highlighted a correlation between the two outcomes of SELFY MPI and the laboratory exam’s parameter TCD4+ and viral load. The potential of this platform is to support clinical research about the effects of HIV in chronic disease management and provide a follow up instrument for evaluating different aspects of the geriatric patient life during the years.

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