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A Prediction of Blood Flow through a Bypass Graft Using Statistical Methods

Author(s): Jana Vrbková, Vilém Bruk

Myocardial revascularization belongs among the most frequent cardiosurgery operations. Perioperative and longterm survival depend on the patency of the graft used and the anastomotic quality. Haemodynamical characteristics measured during a coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery help verify anastomotic quality and also affect longterm graft patency. During CABG surgery (on a heart bypass machine with extracorporal circulation), a surgeon measures blood flow through the bypass at the time the cross clamp is applied to the ascending aorta (blood is not flowing through coronary vessels, rather through the bypass) and later at the same place after removal of the cross clamp. The aim of this article is to find a statistical model for prediction of blood flow through the bypass after removal of the cross clamp based on the blood flow value when the cross clamp is placed on the aorta. When this prediction is good, we will be able to decrease a number of measurements with keeping whole information about an object.