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A Personal Health Service to Increase Patient Empowerment by Intelligent Use of Electronic Xray-Records

Author(s): Peter Seifter, Matthias Koinegg, Christian Gruber, Philip Peinsold

Background: The electronic Xray-Record is the Austrian contribution to the PALANTE project. The Austrian pilot aims to implement a new module into the hospital information system used within the KAGes which includes the summary of the dosage of X-ray examinations in a personal eXray-Record. The main goals are to support the personal health management of the patient and to increase the awareness of patients and physicians for X-ray exposure in healthcare. External access for health professionals and patients will be done via a web portal to provide a comprehensive representation of the X-ray exposure data. Additionally, transparency about radiation doses applied in the context of radiological examinations is provided.

Objectives: This paper gives a brief description of the web access to radiology data. In particular, the paper outlines the online representation of exposure doses caused by radiology examinations and identies the challenges.

Methods: In the analysis, the national regulatory frameworks and standards were considered. Literature research and expert discussions were done to gure out the risks of the radiation exposure in the low-dose range.

Results: Possibilities for data extraction and data representation were worked out. The architecture of the eXray-Record was designed with consideration of important standards.

Conclusion: Access to personal health information empowers patients and increases the control over matters concerning their health. Shared decision making would become possible through intelligent use of the eXray-Record and a bi-directional patient-caregiver communication.