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A New Web, Multi-service Tool for Regional Management of Allergies, Asthma and Rhinitis

Author(s): Lamprini Kolovou, C. Chassomeris, G. Stalidis, D. Lymperopoulos

In this paper, a new web solution for administering allergies, asthma and rhinitis in a pan-European level is described. The proposed system was designed to provide: professionals with easy workload and access educational and informational material; sufferers with personalised management tools and educational sources; and citizens with rich informational material. The IREMMA system architecture embeds the existing information networks and data sources on allergy by offering high data integration and multi-modal access to its users, through a multi-service tool and high-distributed architecture. Hence, IREMMA sets the ground for establishing a wide integrated network for environmental monitoring and diffusion of health information. User feedback was collected through extensive pilot trials with real users and the results were used to improve the IREMMA services and the designing and the content specification.