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Vishwas Sovani

Department of Pharmacology, University Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


  • Perspective   
    Adapting Healthcare Teaching to Coronavirus (COVID-19): A Perspective from India
    Author(s): Vishwas Sovani*

    Summarises the important skills that will be required to make future doctors pandemic ready and the steps taken for medical education in India. The recommendation of severe, widespread social seclusion has sparked a global shift toward purely online course delivery. For HPE, which has historically relied on in-person learner interaction through simulation training, clinical rotations based in industry, and skills labs, this is an issue. It has become necessary to address specific difficulties related to the development and delivery of high-quality curricula and educational activities as a result of the switch to onlineonly course delivery. Regional, rural, and remote health scholars and practitioners may offer priceless ideas into how to leverage technology to get around the tyranny of range, support high-quality online HPE, and facilitate the on-going growth of communities of practis.. Read More»