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Stein L. Park

School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Texas South-western Medical Center, USA


  • Short communication   
    Biomedical Application Approaches based on Nano-Drug Delivery
    Author(s): Stein L. Park*

    Nano-medicine and nano delivery systems are a relatively new but quickly emerging field in which tiny materials are used as diagnostic tools or to administer therapeutic medicines to specific targets in a controlled manner. Nanotechnology has a number of applications in the treatment of chronic human diseases, such as delivering precise medicines to specific locations. There have been a number of notable applications of nano-medicine in the treatment of various ailments in recent years. The short review summarises recent advances in the field of nano-medicines and nano-based drug delivery systems, including the discovery and application of nano-materials in improving the efficacy of both new and old drugs (e.g., natural products) as well as disease marker molecule-based selective diagnosis. From synthetic/natural sources to clinical applications, nano-medicines present both potential .. Read More»