journal of biomedical informatics
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Rehan Ghose

Department of Bioinformatics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, West Bengal, India


  • Short communication   
    Biomedical Informatics makes it Easier for Biomedical Researchers to Examine EHR Data
    Author(s): Rehan Ghose*

    Cohort identification, proteomics, pharmacogenomics, and global health surveillance all benefit from electronic health records (EHR). It is critical to enable rapid and independent EHR data examination by end users such as biomedical researchers in order to achieve the promise of EHR data for advancing clinical research. This study examines current techniques as well as critical methodological considerations. By expanding on channels for additionally called in the context of aiding end users’ interrogation of EHR data, we extended a previously released theoretical foundation for interactive information retrieval, which identifies three entities: user, channel, and source. The information science literature, on the other hand, has provided detailed theories and methodologies for user modelling and question formulation support. The two bodies of literature are complimentary, meani.. Read More»