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Petric Samuel

Department of Biotechnology, University of Edinburgh, UK, United Kingdom


  • Mini Review   
    Bioinformatics on Health System
    Author(s): Petric Samuel

    Bioinformatics uses computer-based ways of doing health information, data and knowledge and tools to carefully study the huge related to the body function of living things data bases. Bioinformatics is the mix of different fields like, software engineering, computer science, statistics, informatics and engineering which evaluate and outline related to the body function of living things and genetic information. The field of Bioinformatics covers the examination of molecular data to putting into numbers medicine-based, imaging and disease-identifying data for customized medicine and health system the sicknesses such as related to processing and using food problems, urea cycle problems, inborn errors and path-match make evener can be identified at the early stage using different bioinformatics computer-based tools. These tools are used to process the study of.. Read More»