journal of biomedical informatics
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Manmath Kumar Rout

Department of Biotechnology, India


  • Mini Review   
    Spectroscopy in the Field of Biomedical Informatics Research
    Author(s): Manmath Kumar Rout*

    The study works together mainly spectroscopy on the field of biomedical informatics, which is the branch of health informatics that uses data to help doctors, people who work to find information, and scientists improve human health and provide healthcare. It is a changing and getting better field of study that has grown along with advances in natural community divine, which applies the ways of basic truths of the natural sciences, especially study of living things and scientist who studies the chemicals in living things, to medicine and healthcare. While not only tied to computers and information technology, it has become more dependent on and needing software, intelligent retrieval, and computing with the rise of the technology based on biological industry and the existing all over a large area putting into a computer of personal health data. Many applica.. Read More»