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Jeanne Miranda

UCLA Centre for Health Services and Society, 10920 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, United States of America


  • Mini Review   
    Findings out from Current and Future NutriNet-Santee Cohort Study Comparing red and Processed Meat Production and Mortality Risk
    Author(s): Jeanne Miranda*

    The Global Organization for Exploration on Disease WHO-IARC grouped red meat and handled meat as likely cancer-causing and cancer-causing for people, separately. These ends were mostly founded on examinations concerning colorectal malignant growth, yet logical proof is as yet restricted for other disease areas. In this review, we researched the planned relationship among red and handled meat admissions and by and large, bosom, and prostate malignant growth risk. This forthcoming review included 61,476 people of the French NutriNet-Santé accomplice matured ≥35 y and who finished no less than three 24 hrs dietary records during the main year of follow-up. The gamble of creating disease was thought about across sex-explicit quintiles of red and handled meat admissions by multivariable Cox models. 1,609 first essential episode malignant growth cases were analyzed during follow-u.. Read More»