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Hieyong Jeong

Department of Robotics & Design for Innovative Healthcare, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan


  • Original Article   
    Cableless Measurement of Hand Griping Patterns and Heart Rate with Flexible Pressure Sensor Sheet
    Author(s): Tianyi Wang, Hieyong Jeong*, An Guo, Takafumi Ohno, Na Li and Yuko Ohno

    Background: Driver’s behaviours such as poor steering patterns and drowsy driving at the steering wheel have been recognized as main causes of traffic accidents. However, little researches focused on how drivers hold the steering wheel and previous studies have not addressed cableless approach to measure heart rate from hand griping. In this paper, we proposed a basic study on measuring hand griping patterns and heart rate simultaneously through hand griping using flexible pressure sensor sheet. Methods: Six volunteers were asked to steer a cylinder bar with six different hand griping patterns and steer still for 60 seconds for five times, hand griping pressure was measured using pressure sensor sheet, hand griping patterns were identified by hand griping pressure distribution, he.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.24105/ejbi.2018.14.4.3